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How we see the world

We are committed to assembling diverse teams. We want different points of view that will take us further than we have already reached. For this reason, we not only accept the difference, but we also celebrate it and value the diverse views of the people distributed in our pack.

We pride ourselves on being a company that offers an environment of equal opportunities, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, color, religion, disability and any type of status.

If you feel that you are part of a group with minority expression in society for any reason, do not be shy and apply for this position even if you do not meet all the requirements! We work every day to strengthen our internal culture by bringing up constructive debates on issues surrounding a plural society.


  • Map user journeys that travel in digital and physical environments, observing the impacts of each point of contact in our business
  • Design amazing interactions between pets, pet owners and our services, creating new bridges between us
  • Dialogue with professionals who have diverse specialties and histories seeking to find the best solution to the challenges ahead
  • Work in multi-disciplinary and agile teams collaborating with all kinds of professionals (business, product, tech, petshops staff and many others)
  • Conduct workshops and interviews with users and stakeholders using techniques related to the design process
  • Produce deliverables with a focus on service design such as service blueprints, journey maps, personas, prototypes, among others
  • Being able to generate hypotheses, design experiments, test with pets and real pet owners and create an action plan to put validated solutions into practice
  • Check if what was thought was implemented in the correct way guaranteeing the expected result
  • Clearly understand business goals with them in mind while designing the best possible experiences for real pets and humans


You have to read and think, “I am that person!”

  • Worked the last 3 years on projects with a focus on service design
  • Deeply loves Design and its methods, but knows that achieving our goals is more important than following booklets
  • Has an unstoppable curiosity and always seeks to understand what is before you
  • It gathers data to create narratives and manages to dialogue with people inside and outside the work clearly exposing its point of view
  • Get your hands dirty and enjoy solving problems
  • It is easy to work in a team, listening carefully to who is different from you
  • Always seeks to improve his knowledge of service design, reading, studying and talking with other professionals
  • Press for an ethical and transparent behavior
  • Loves animals
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Full Time
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