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We want to create a job board that shows only Service Design jobs for all the nerds that are just like us around the world.

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ℹ️ This website is still under beta, therefore some features and content elements are still missing, buggy or badly proofread. Yeah we are non native English speakers as you might have noticed.

A niche job board focused on real service design jobs

There are a lot of jobs that service designers can do. Sure we can work with our expertise in the world of UX design, in user research, or be innovation consultants. And there are great platforms that exist to find those types of jobs. But we missed a community platform focused on jobs that do not only fit our skill set but the full Service Design mindset.

That’s why we created this website and the Service Design job board. It features only jobs that are specifically focused on Service Design.

Find your next job following your own needs

Since we started the Service Design job board we noticed that every Service Design practitioner has different needs when it comes to the search of a new job opportunity. Here the needs that have been expressed to us and how we designed the job board to serve those needs:

You are a service design student

Many students asked us personally: how do I find a service design position once I have finished my studies in Service Design? For this, we have collected all jobs that are entry level positions. These are Service Design traineeships, Service Design junior positions or jobs made specifically for students.

ℹ️ Soon you’ll be able to see the Service Design jobs by seniority level. We are working on this for the next iteration.

You are a service designer looking for a new job in your country

A lot of you asked us: are there good service design jobs opportunities in my country? That’s why we classify every Service Design job we find also based on country. So that you can find a great new job without having to relocate. Lovely isn’t it? Here all the 40+ countries where we found Service Design jobs.

You are a service designers looking for opportunities in a specific industry worldwide

There are also people who told us that they are free of any commitment and just want to find the best Service Design job for them. For those service designers we also categorize every job by the industry of the company offering the jobs. So if you worked in finances for years and now want to work with your Service Design skills in a non profit organization there is a way to find this next opportunity.

You are a design professional looking to switch to service design

We’ve also heard stories of UX designers who want to switch their practice towards Service Design and customer experience by finding a Service Design job. Obviously we highly support everyone who is about to become another Service Design nerd 🤓. For those professionals we recommend either to look for mid-level positions or to use the search filter below to see all Service Design job positions where UX skills are a big plus.

ℹ️ Soon you’ll be able to see the service design jobs by seniority level or jobs that contain the keyword “UX” in it. We are working on this for the next iteration.

More than a job board: a community

We want to slowly build this job board as more than just a job board showing Service Design jobs. We believe that  there is a need for a community of like minded people who can share feedbacks and ideas on how to land your next service design job.

A community to help you find your next Service Design job

In order to do that we are bringing you videos, articles and other podcast that will help you find your next job.

ℹ️ Soon you’ll be able to see more resources, tips and tricks. We are working on this for the next iteration.

A community to help you start your Service Design career

In the future we will offer courses to help young Service Design students kickstart their career and help designers from other fields make the switch to Service Design.

A thermometer of the Service Design job market

From time to time, we also publish tiny reports were we analyze the state of the job market by looking  at all the Service Design job postings we have collected. 

This helps us find out which are the countries that offer the most opportunities for service designers. It also helps us highlight which industries are especially looking for service design practitioners to help them improve their customer experience. Finally these little reports also highlight the demand for the different seniority levels. Is the market looking for more junior service designers or more senior service designers?

A little thank you note 💌

A  big thank you to our mate Loris Olivier for the custom logo and to Katerina Limpitsouni for her great illustration kit

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