Agency / Consultancy

Senior Service/UX Designer

Full Time

On Haimaisizhe Industrial Design Consulting Co., Ltd.

Job Duties: 

1. Participate in the research of comprehensive innovation of software and hardware products in the automotive field, HMI service design, and automotive omni-channel service design innovation design projects, interaction design, visual design, micro-interaction design, report writing, design specification writing, customer presentation;

2. Participate in customer communication in the early stage of the project, understanding of needs, and writing of the project proposal;

3. Participate in specific user experience research, including one-on-one interviews, home visits, drive along and other research hosting and analysis;

4. Participate in the research team to conduct a quick user research summary, and participate in the writing of research reports;

5. Participate in the Ideation Workshop, be able to brainstorm, and be able to actively express your opinions;

6. Carry out usage scenario design based on insight discovery and workshop output;

7. Cooperate with the product to conduct functional analysis and definition, and conduct interaction framework design, conceptual interaction design, visual style design, micro-interaction dynamic design, prototype design, and design specification writing;

8. Communicate with developers to implement multi-screen interactive demo prototypes for experience design

Job Qualifications:

1. About 5 years of relevant work experience in user experience research, design research, innovative service design, automotive HMI design, etc., work experience in innovative design consulting companies at home and abroad is preferred

2. Have relevant education and work experience in user experience research and design, design research, industrial design, service design, etc.

3. Nice personality, good at teamwork, with early customer communication and plan writing ability

4. Excellent aesthetic ability, sensitive to new visual styles, colors and design details, and can formulate visual design specifications and procedures;

5. With keen insight, intuitive insight into new trends and user scenarios. Full of enthusiasm for new things, experience research and technological innovation, and a vision to create more positive energy for the world;

6. Have a passionate working attitude and be good at cooperating with internal members of the company

7. Familiar with various user research, service design, innovative insight methods, including one-on-one in-depth interviews, FGD focus groups, anthropological observation, drive along, usability testing and other qualitative research methods, and have experience in user interview moderation, including in-depth interviews and FGD focus group interview

8. Have the ability to formulate interactive framework and detailed interactive design, understand the related processes of mobile APP, car intelligent terminal HMI product construction, including user role analysis, function analysis, interactive framework design, conceptual interaction design, visual style design, micro-interaction dynamic effects Design, prototype design, design specification writing;

9. Practical experience in automotive HMI visual design, and animation, experience design experience is better

10. Have a certain knowledge of product development and intelligent voice development, and be able to communicate with developers to implement demo prototypes of experience design

11. With an international design vision, smooth communication in written and spoken English

12. Ability to travel and work overtime with the team/client

, Shang Hai Shi
Full Time
Agency / Consultancy
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