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As a service designer you can make a huge impact on the agricultural sector worldwide!

This role allows you to work on an infinity of possibilities, but within one platform. At Farm21 you get the time and space for depth, and you don't jump from project to project. We use a User-Centered Design philosophy within Farm21, and your role is therefore crucial within the company.


  • Loves an agile work environment.
  • Likes to solve things together in a team.
  • Would like to know a target group through and through
  • Would like to focus on one platform, develop different concepts within it.


  • You are the "voice of the customer" within Farm21
  • You set up user surveys and lead (monthly) user feedback sessions
  • You translate the results into the "coat rack" of wishes and requirements, on which we can hang future concepts.
  • Together with our UX/UI Designer you can translate the wishes and requirements into concepts, wire frames and final designers.


  • You are familiar with user research techniques, especially qualitative, but possibly also quantitative
  • You are familiar with User Research tools and techniques, such as different methods of research or development methods
  • You can work independently, in a project with endless possibilities
  • You have experience working on digital products
  • Speaks fluent Dutch (User feedback sessions are in Dutch)
Amsterdam, NH
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