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Centrax Gas Turbines

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We are looking for a Service Designer (SD) who understands business complexities, challenges technical constraints, provides refreshing viewpoints to stimulating design problems, facilitates and enables co-creation, provides focus and inspires our design teams to greater heights. In short — someone who designs for the bigger picture and can unpack the complex chains of interactions in order to create optimal experiences and sustainable solutions for our customers and partners


·         Able to flex between creative and analytical approaches
·         Loves strategy, service prototyping and hands-on UX
·         Strong knowledge of user-centered design processes and passionate about solving complex Service and UX challenges
·         Strong background in service and strategic design
·         Ability to facilitate workshops and conduct research
·         Ability to synthesise research, insights and findings
·         Skill in structuring and visualising journey maps, service ideation, concept communication and other specifications
·         Hands-on Visual, Interaction and UX Design skills
·         Knowledge of agile approaches and techniques
·         Strong communication, persuasive and influencing skills with different audiences to explain ideas and to present conceptual work
·         Attention to detail supported by an organised approach
·         Ability to understand the impact of technology on design deliverables
·         A background in Visual, Interaction and UX design is a mandatory
·         Passionate about resolving user pain points through innovation and design excellence
·         Relevant degree, short-courses and qualifications with three or more years of Service Design design experience with preference given to                  candidate’s portfolios showcasing design solutions and strategic approaches
Alberton, GP
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