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Self-Service Designer, and in the future Self-Service Product Owner, is responsible for creating friendly self-service solutions that meet the needs of customers from various segments. A person in this position defines the vision of the self-service path in products, both in the area of ​​purchase and service, designs the solution, creates its roadmap, manages the backlog and supervises all stages of creation, from design to development. Ultimately, it manages the range of services in the organization, in particular optimization and development.

Your responsibility:

  • design, production, optimization and development of existing services – products, in the field of self-service purchasing and service (customer journey), in the digital channel
  • analysis of customer behavior and modification of existing processes to improve customer experience
  • implementing developed assumptions into processes, products and internal systems
  • taking the initiative in the process of transforming the organization towards product design, taking into account the customer self-service process
  • updating and prioritizing tasks in response to changing requirements
  • monitoring all stages of product-service creation, from design to development
  • defining user requirements and expectations and setting direction and goals for the project team
  • cooperation and communication to interested parties, as well as work with clients and partners
  • cooperation with analysts, scrum masters, UX/design, programmers
  • cooperation with Product, Marketing, Sales and Customer Support

What we will take into account:

  • experience (minimum 3 years) in the role of Self-Service Design / Product Owner, optimally in the Scrum scaling model to work with more than 1 team producing a product
  • market knowledge and experience in designing customer paths and implementing changes in purchasing and service processes, for SAAS solutions, in the digital channel, etc.
  • completed projects in the field of building self-service purchasing and service in the e-commerce channel, in response to customer needs
  • experience in building a web customer portal and product purchasing paths
  • knowledge in the area of ​​CX/UX
  • ability to effectively cooperate with teams from various areas
  • highly developed communication and interpersonal skills
  • focus on development and effective action
  • goal orientation, ability to set backlog priorities to maximize product value

What will give you extra points?

  • Certificates in the field of service design, CX, etc.
  • PSPO I certificate or higher
  • experience in the SME software market
Warsaw, Poland
Full Time
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