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About the job

Try half a year at the crossroads between qualitative user research, strategy, innovation, business development, service design and visualization.

Who are you?

You will find it exciting to both develop insights into human behavior and translate them into innovative concepts and develop strong visualization of them.

We imagine that you:

• Is working on your superstructure on a design education, a humanities or digital / IT graduate or is studying service design at the business school.

• Can develop visualizations of e.g. user interfaces, storyboard, customer journeys etc. It will be a great advantage if you can also draw / sketch freely.

• Can conduct qualitative interviews and participate in analyzes.

• Has experience with or interest in translating insights into strategic recommendations and new, innovative initiatives that can connect the organization and customer / user.

• Is a skilled communicator and manages to communicate insights to different target groups.

Who are we?

Will & Agency is a consulting company that works with anthropology, social data and service design. We give our customers a human perspective on their users, brand and business, and specialize in the combination of deep, qualitative research and targeted creative concept development. We help companies and organizations to formulate an overall strategic direction, and develop relevant value propositions, products, services, brands and digital strategies.

Read more about us and some of the cases we have worked on here:

What do we offer?

During your internship, you will gain experience with qualitative research in practice and strengthen your competencies within research and innovation methods, strategic consulting and service design. In addition, you will:

• Gain experience in collecting qualitative data and participate in the subsequent analysis and preparation of specific recommendations.

• Work with projects within e.g. urban development, arts and culture, the pharmaceutical industry, the trade union movement, retail and organizations.

• Get involved in visualization. report writing, concept development and preparation of final customer presentations.

• An additional employment of 3,000 / month. + free breakfast and paid phone bill.

As an intern, you become a regular part of our daily team, and have a great influence on our projects as well as your own work. We strive to create an open, serious and fun work environment, where it must be inspiring to get to work every day, and where there is a great opportunity to shape your own work tasks.

The internship runs from mid-August 2021 to January 2022. We jointly agree on the final dates. Working hours are 37 hours per week. A normal working day is from kl. 9-17, but we naturally take into account any teaching and exams, and at the same time expect you to be flexible during busy periods.

Agency / Consultancy
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