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The Danish Safety Technology Authority(Sikkerhedsstyrelsen)

What do we expect of you?

We have recently carried out a preliminary analysis at an external consulting firm, which contains a large number of recommendations and benchmarks on how we can intelligently collect and activate data about our customers, so that we constantly improve our customer communication and increase the quality of our guidance.

It is a big and important work that awaits – and you will be put at the forefront of several of these recommendations. It is therefore important that you feel comfortable hunting in uncultivated land, while at the same time making use of your solid analytical foundation and your ability to translate analyzes into concrete actions.

We are looking for you who have a solid and practical experience with customer analyzes and customer data. In addition, you can without hesitation act as an ambassador for the customers and understand how to translate their needs into concrete solutions.

You can become our new service designer if you have the following competencies:

  • You want to create value for customers. And that’s why you feel best when you meet our customers in real life, whether it’s by holding focus groups, interviewing customers or mapping their customer journey.
  • Your communication skills make customers feel secure. You manage to translate complexity into a language everyone understands. You deliver clear and unambiguous messages of great value to customers who feel heard and understood.
  • You see collaboration as an important part of your work day. You focus on achieving goals and creating good results, and you like to do this in collaboration with others across the board and with external parties. You work efficiently and have the courage to take on new tasks that you yourself help to shape.
  • You are a digital native with an analytical approach. And you have an eye for how digitization can replace a manual process so that it simultaneously creates value for customers. As a service designer, you have a natural curiosity to find new data sources and identify important touch points that make us even wiser about customers’ needs and behavior.

In addition, We Imagine That You

  • have a master’s degree – eg cand.merc or similar education with specialization in customer analysis and market segmentation, but your education is not the most important. It is your experience that counts.
  • have experience with service design, customer analysis and segmentation of customers, and you have tried to translate insights and knowledge into concrete solutions.
  • keeps you updated with new technologies that can give customers great digital experiences.
  • has experience with the role of project manager and the desire to lead small and large projects involving both internal and external stakeholders.

What are you going to do?

You will have a varied everyday life with tasks within working with our customers – everything from customer interviews, questionnaire surveys and mapping of digital customer journeys to work with management information, KPI framework, implementation of methods for customer analysis and setup and structuring of customer data in Visual Analytics.

There is room for you to initiate and execute on good ideas, and you will have a big share in developing the way we collect and activate data about our customers.

Your Most Important Tasks Will Be At

  • take the lead in developing and collecting customer data in an intelligent way.
  • prepare customer analyzes on large and small tasks. This may be in larger projects where in-depth insight is needed into who our customers are in a particular area and what needs they have so that we can meet them as effectively as possible.
  • run projects and initiatives on their own. You are curious about us as an organization and our customers. You have impact and can spot potential for improvement – both in forms, processes and in the meeting with customers. When an idea or potential needs to be brought home, you like to pull on your work clothes so that we reach our goals together.
  • map customer journeys based on your knowledge of who our customers are, what behavior they have, what they demand and what they experience in meeting us. Therefore, you are also happy to interview customers and hold focus groups.
  • systematize and analyze data on the basis of the knowledge gathered and the insights of customer analyzes. You have the ability to translate the analyzes into specific activities, development initiatives and service initiatives that are targeted at our customers.
Full Time
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