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Xperience Design

We are looking for a person who has knowledge and skills as a Service Designer to actively participate in the design process of complex service ecosystems , which mixes rational, emotional and aesthetic elements in the designs.

This position will be part of several project teams, in charge of designing or redesigning services of an analog, digital or mixed nature for clients from various industries.

As a member of the team, you will participate in all the stages of the project necessary to understand the clients and users of the services and transfer this knowledge to the design of offers, experiences, channels or interactions that generate high impact and satisfaction and that balance the needs and expectations. of customers and businesses.

Some functions of the position will be:

o Design qualitative and quantitative research processes of users, clients and contexts.

o Engage in qualitative fieldwork primarily through field observation and contextual or ethnographic interviews.

o Collect secondary information from clients, users, processes, competition and other research subjects that are defined in the projects.

o Participate in ideas generation processes and alternatives for service design challenges.

o Participate in conceptualization processes for solutions to service design challenges.

o Participate in prototyping processes of solutions to service design challenges, using tools such as journeys, proposal or value maps, empathy maps, business models and other similar tools.

o Design basic graphic representations of information (infographics, graphs, tables, schedules).

o Work with time constraints on multiple tasks and projects simultaneously.

o Interact with different people and positions in the companies that contract service design projects.

o Coordinate or execute specific activities of the project schedules.

o Prepare material from the design process such as Powerpoint presentations or similar, data tables in Excel or similar.

o Occasional and basic use of design tools such as Adobe Illustrator.

ESSENTIAL REQUIREMENT: Reside in Medellín or metropolitan area.


o Knowledge and experience in design frameworks such as design or architecture planning, Design Thinking or Service Design.

o Experience of field activities such as interviews, observations, focus groups or the like.

o Work with time constraints on multiple tasks and projects simultaneously.

o Ability to work in cross-functional teams.

o Two years of relevant work experience in issues related to the design of objects, services, products or channels.

o Professional in areas of marketing, design, engineering or business.

o Good reading level in English.


o Experience and knowledge in service industries.

o Postgraduate in design.

advanced English.

o Knowledge of design tools such as Illustrator, Sketch or similar.

o Experience and knowledge in digital design (apps, web, bots or similar).

Medellin, Antioquia, Colombia
Full Time
Agency / Consultancy
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