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Senior Service Designer

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The Senior Service Designer is in charge of orchestrating all the activities required for the development of service design projects and their subsequent implementation, articulating and guiding the stakeholders involved in the projects and serving, in turn, as support to the other members of the design team from a holistic and strategic perspective of this field of action.

The Senior Service Designer of BBK2+Brains

    • A BBK2Brains Senior Service Designer is characterized by:
    • To be a specialist in the design of services, with a focus on the planning and design of projects.
    • His experience developing projects in the context of various national industries. 
    • Have experience in the design and application of methodologies in various scenarios, with the ability to adjust and adapt it according to the needs of the context.
    • His experience in the application of the methodology in real cases, being able to identify implementation gaps in it and propose appropriate solutions. 
    • Have a strategic vision, capable of coherently connecting the needs of clients with the needs, capabilities and vision of the company.
    • His experience implementing and managing projects within companies. 


    • Investigate about the users involved in the project, about the business, about the industry context, about the evolution of the products already available for customers.
    • Understand through different investigative instances, the behavior of users, needs, pains to work on an ideal or to-be experience journey.
    • Facilitate activities and work sessions focused on experience for both clients and work teams.
    • Propose customer-focused service design solutions and their main needs.
    • Test and carry out studies with clients to test the proposals designed.
    • Constantly monitor experience and business indicators.

What knowledge do we look for in the BBK+2Brains Service Designer?

    • 4+ years of experience.
    • Diploma or specialized courses in UX / Service Design.
    • Medium level English.
    • Definition of qualitative research methodologies such as in-depth interviews and field observation.
    • Coordination and planning of activities.
    • Development, application and analysis of test results with users.
    • Documentary research for the development of reports (benchmark and trends) 
    • Analysis of experience and business metrics.
    • Carrying out heuristic usability tests.
    • Management of design and testing software.

What skills are we looking for in the BBK+2Brains Service Designer?

    • Develop and maintain effective and strategic relationships with relevant stakeholders.
    • Guidance and understanding of business needs and users.
    • Strategic and analytical thinking.
    • Empathy and collaborative work for the design and development of products and services focused on people.
    • Effective communication for the development and promotion of projects.
    • Creativity for the conceptualization, ideation and design of solutions.
    • Prolixity in the development and presentation of solutions.
    • Pragmatism and flexibility.
Santiago, Chile
Full Time
Agency / Consultancy
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