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Once upon a time there was an experienced Service Designer who became a Behavior Design Expert…

Once upon a time there was a terrible world, where dragons of websites were built from the perspective of the business goals. The visitors got lost in a maze of information that was irrelevant, flows that didn’t make sense, hopelessly looking for the solution to their problem.

Many a UX designer, customer journey manager, customer experience manager, service designer… appeared and tried to create order in the chaos by putting the user first.

But they fell into endless discussions based on gut feeling, best practices, and the occasional quantitative insight where they brainstormed possible hypotheses. A/B tests failed too often, but no one knew how to do it better.

Fortunately, worldwide companies such as Uber, Google and Waze discovered the power of behavioral design.

Solid quality research and knowledge of behavioral psychology now forms a scientific framework for their decisions and improves user experiences and, above all, gives them confidence that they are making the right choices.

In Belgium, HumanEyes is the expert in behavioral design with a laser focus on the human side.

Large and small companies such as, Proximus and Loop Earplugs believe equally strongly in the power of behavior design, and ask us again and again, with statements such as:

“I only want to do it the HumanEyes way!”

Also convinced of behavioral design?

Read what a job at HumanEyes could do for you:

1. Lots of variety and real impact

You are ultimately responsible for assignments from large and small companies, such as Proximus, De Persgroep, Niko, Bank van Breda, AVA, Club Brugge and Loop Earplugs.

There we are part of the internal teams and we work together in co-creation . So we have colleagues in many different agile and design thinking teams in Belgium. We are the experts in behavioral design, train them and guide them through our process.

The good thing is that during the project itself we are still looking for the problems that we need to solve. This is how we design things that really matter (and not just a requested list of pages and touchpoints). We do the research ourselves, then come up with the ideal journey and work out the wireframes and copy. This way we have maximum impact and at the same time can transfer our expertise to the customer.

Because we are always guided by science in our choices, we never have discussions with customers based on gut feeling and we can really work towards an ideal scenario.

Projects go from small to large:

research trajectories to determine which problem we will have to solve

· expert reviews, where we note and substantiate recommendations

· complete (re)designs of journeys

In addition to projects and concrete assignments, we provide training on topics such as:

· how do you bring bad news to your customers?

· how do you design a good converting sales funnel?

How do you set up a good content flow?

how do you apply behavioral design to your entire digital journey?

As a Behavior Design Expert you are ultimately responsible for your specific projects and you manage the Junior Behavior Designer. In the end, it is you who present the work to the client and lead workshops.

On the other hand, you will also have a very executive role: leading research, developing journeys, making wireframes, including copywriting.

2. You are the expert

If you already read quite a few books yourself, such as ‘Influence’ by Cialdini, ‘Hooked’ by Nir Eyal or, for the die hards, ‘Thinking fast and slow’ by Kahneman, then you are well on your way.

At HumanEyes, our library is of course much more extensive and we have mainly made the translation of all that theory into practice. You master these very quickly, which is no problem since you have already mastered most of them 😉 You will also quickly master our work process because you are already familiar with models such as Agile, Design Thinking and Service Design.

You will form a tandem with the junior behavior designer for most projects. You are responsible for the project, timing, budget and final delivery. Of course you can also spar with the Behavior Design Director if you need this.

3. You will fall in love

We have to admit… you can’t work with us without falling in love with behavioral design and company culture.

We are open in our feedback to each other, can discuss anything and everyone is a full member of the team.

We are a small team, a startup and we have a lot of freedom to innovate all the time. Do you have a good idea? Then we just go for it! You should not expect too complicated procedures.

And if you want to work remotely or at the office, it doesn’t matter much. As long as we keep in touch. Visiting customers from time to time to come up with better solutions together is of course a must.

Don’t miss this opportunity and send us a message

Would you like to become the behavior designer we are looking for?

Give Elien a call. Her phone number and email can be found below.

We only have 1 minimum requirement. You must be able to write, speak and understand Dutch and English fluently, so that you can make wireframes and prepare and give presentations. You need French to be able to easily understand French-speaking colleagues at our customers during meetings.

Sending us your linkedin is already a good step (an updated and beautifully designed resume is absolutely not necessary).

But of course we are especially curious about your experience. What can you already bring in? Is this an interesting next step for your career and why? Do you want to throw yourself all over this?

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