Service Designer

Full Time


Job Description:

In your role, you will create reusable packaging that is designed for our proprietary inventory management system and reverse logistics platform. You will also build online experiences for members and merchant partners, i.e., build UX/UI in unique ways.

The ideal candidate understands the marriage between service design, UX/UI, and materials and industrial design. Indeed, the ideal candidate is a multi-disciplinary designer.


  • Create reusable packaging
  • Create UX/UI
  • Integrate hardware with proprietary software
  • Drive first-mile and last-mile productivity
  • Understand the business as a whole and drive Design to achieve market dominance

Skills and experience:

  • Experience with startups, product design companies, city planning and transportation planning is highly valued
  • Experience taking physical and online products to market is highly valued, too
  • Skilled at making digital assets, as needed
  • Stellar project management skills
  • Solid verbal and written communications skills

Character Attributes:

  • Curiosity
  • Obsessed with details
  • Bias for simple, elegant design
  • Passion for material sciences
  • Authentic love for social transformation and environmental good
  • Hungry to solve wicked problems
  • Big picture thinker with ability to execute and build from scratch in unstructured, fast-paced environments
  • Ability to listen, learn, iterate and strive for excellence
  • Cross-functional collaboration ninja
  • You are excited to speak with customers and other stakeholders
  • Fundamentals:

a. You are punctual

b. You are accountable

c. You are a teamworker

d. You are super-duper organized

e. You are a first class communicator

f. You are ready to roll up your sleeves and dive into the role

Washington, D.C., United States
Full Time
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