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The primary role of a service designer is understanding the needs of our users and partners, identifying their gaps, strengths, and opportunities. As systems-thinkers, service designers craft an improved overall vision for the community health system and Medic’s role within it. As empathizers, they help select the best tool for the user, determine the information that is most important to them, and create workflows that can be adopted into daily practice and make a meaningful impact.
Service Designers have a high degree of empathy and experience in marginalized settings; they use human-centered design methodologies to conduct qualitative fieldwork to inform the design and direction of projects that inform our core product. Designers advocate for what is important to our users and will conduct feedback sessions on new aspects of the product. Using their expertise in human-centered design processes and deep familiarity with participatory methods, they coach other teammates and build the capacity of our open-source community in applying design methods and configuration best practices to their projects.

Key Responsibilities

Deliverables for Partners – 70%
Aligning workflow to global and Medic standards
  • Conducting desk reviews on use case or country protocols and standards
  • Developing impact metrics for new use cases
Eliciting user requirements
  • Conducting HCD activities with partners and users
  • Developing user personas
  • Writing user stories to document user and partner needs
  • Documenting current system
Designing high-impact workflows
  • Brainstorming and iterating upon solutions to user needs (workflows and feature requests) with Medic team, partner, and users
  • Designing workflows and features strategically to take Medic’s toolkit forward
  • Producing project specifications with tech lead (sketches, mockups, XLS, nitty-gritty)
Ensuring system is useful
  • Conducting UAT on current product and mockups for new features and relaying feedback to product team
  • Providing post-deployment support to PMs in evaluating whether system meets expectations
  • Use data insights for iterations or future projects
Setting partnerships up for success
  • Providing LOE design estimates
  • Producing early-stage sketches to describe possible workflows
  • Informing appropriate tool selection
  • Represent Medic in working groups, events, conferences, and health forums
  • Contribute to conference abstract writing and research material
Deliverables for CHT – 30%
Informing product design with user insights
  • Conduct early-stage investigation into feature requests, user stories and potential workflows to help inform our prioritization and roadmap
  • Support the UX Researcher in evaluating appropriate solutions, and inform proposed changes to the product from across regions
Building capacity of our open-source community
  • Document our process and build frameworks, and share our favorite design methods with our open-source community
  • Keep our global user personas up to date, and develop new ones as they are introduced into our roadmap
  • Produce use case memos and guidelines for our workflows; evaluate workflows for their alignment to Medic’s design process, impact metrics and global standards
  • Understand how our tools are being configured by our team and partners, share best practices, and guide others in configuring for both optimal user experience and impact

You are:

  • A passionate design thinker with 5 or more years of relevant work experience including planning and leading human-centered design activities in remote communities in Africa and/or Asia
  • A systems thinker who is able to drill down into the details
  • Hands-on: a natural tinkerer, creator and maker. If you can’t find the right method for the job or context, you’ll make your own
  • Comfortable with technology and a quick learner
  • Empathetic and driven by a desire for deep understanding
  • An experienced, intuitive facilitator. You’ll know it if your workshop isn’t resonating and you’ll have no problem making a new plan on the spot
  • Passionate about healthcare being delivered as a human right
  • Committed to partnership with poor and marginalized communities
  • Have a strong understanding of the ehealth / mHealth ecosystem, especially those serving community health systems
  • Experience in public health programming and practice
  • Able and willing to work in a fast-paced, demanding, and sometimes unstructured environment
  • Demonstrate a history of delivering high-quality results on schedule
  • A savvy and intrepid traveler, excited and able to navigate both big, bustling cities, as well as remote, rural locations
  • Willing and able to travel to field sites ~30% of the time.
  • An excellent communicator who has worked with diverse teams and cultures, and is able to accommodate flexible working hours to connect across time zones
  • Fluent in French and English
  • Have a valid passport to travel internationally
  • Candidates must have valid authorization to work in the region without requiring sponsorship.
We will be reviewing applications on a continuous basis, and the position may be filled prior to the application deadline. We encourage interested candidates to apply as early as possible.
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