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What you’ll be doing

Initially you will be embedded for 6 months with one of our clients in the health and charitable sector. Their aim is to create a joined up view of their core services, moving to a service-led model where services are provided consistently and safely across the organisation, moving away from their existing geographically based approach. We will be working with them on the delivery of a “beacon” or exemplar service, which over time will be iterated and adopted from pilot sites to national rollout. As a Service Designer with our clients you will:

  • Understand and design end-to-end journeys of services across digital and offline channels
  • Explore the various ways that a service can be delivered, looking for a solution that will make it easier for people find and for staff to develop and deliver consistently
  • Assess current service offers to identify the first beacon site, understanding what user and staff problems this solves
  • Map the proposed service considering multiple delivery channels, such as web, call centres and correspondence.
  • Work with users and internal stakeholders to identify, prototype and test the service
  • Work with the team to identify the key problems and opportunities to prioritise across the service, informed by the research and data
  • Guide our clients towards “One Team” service model; identifying standardisation opportunities without losing the expertise, creativity and commitment of local teams
  • Build and prioritise a roadmap for delivery
  • Draw experience from first beacon to plan further beacon services
  • Redefine the service experience based on user needs and business goals
  • Contribute to the development and continual improvement of service iterations
  • Develop blueprints for how clients will own and continue to iterate services

How you’ll do it

A key tenant of the role is that the service designer will look to embed the culture, methodologies and best practices of service design into the team. Your approach to the transformation needs to be founded in maximising the long-term delivery and iteration of our clients services, understanding their needs and what will work best for them. You’ll be as much a coach as you will be Service Designer and develop:

  • Effective knowledge transfer mechanisms to ensure continued service-led ways of working across clients.
  • Develop open collaborative multidisciplinary ways of working, connecting operations, clinical, digital and technical change capabilities
  • A test and learn approach co-designing, delivering and continuously improving services

This work is important to our clients, so you’ll be confident to share your expertise, set direction and provide challenge and support across all levels of the organisation including senior decision makers.



  • Experienced and confident to jump straight in to a team unfamiliar with service-led ways of working
  • Can communicate what services are, and the benefits of service design, while being pragmatic and what’s appropriate for the context and maturity of the organisation
  • Can help the team visualise the user journeys of the existing service and its pain points
  • Help the team simplify their mental models of services
  • Have experience working in an agile environment with multidisciplinary teams
  • Are a visual thinker and eager sketch things and make early prototypes
  • Good at facilitation and naturally collaborative
  • Ability to guide and coach teams in the essential attributes and ways of working
  • Able to make complex information and scenarios simple and accessible to non-technical audiences
  • Ability to quickly grasp, empathise with and understand the challenges opportunities and specialist nature of the sector our clients operate within
Faringdon, United Kingdom
Full Time
Agency / Consultancy
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