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We’re seeking a dynamic, forward-thinking Service Designer with excellent communication skills. You will be open-minded, happy to work on your own or as part of a team and want to learn new technologies and promote best practice.

As a Service Designer you will help us design coherent, integrated service offerings based on user needs, and define the design strategy for a service or set of services. You’ll work in a multidisciplinary team alongside researchers, designers and developers, to deliver word-class, user-centred services. You will bring extensive experience designing public, commercial or third-sector services. As a passionate advocate for designing integrated experiences, you will be persuasive and collaborative with a wide range of stakeholders. You’ll be part of our active and supportive design community.

As a Service Designer you will:

  • Understand user needs and create user journeys that help people successfully navigate complex systems
  • Identify where separate interactions should act as one service and design rational user journeys within that service, as well as commonalities in activities across services that create opportunities for product development
  • Analyse failure within existing services, identify root causes for that failure, and create designs or recommendations to address that failure
  • Develop future service propositions that deliver on policy intentions
  • Help to plan user research and usability testing, observe sessions, and help to analyse the results of user research
  • Identify opportunities for cost reduction and improvement within an existing service
  • Understand the existing support system for a service (both digital and process based) and design targeted improvements to existing services or to accommodate new services
  • Map current service journeys and create blueprints for improved and/or new services
  • Create and rapidly iterate service prototypes
  • Identify and design service patterns
  • Identify the right ways to measure service success
  • Build collaborative relationships with stakeholders, across teams and service domains
  • Define and conduct excellent stakeholder engagement
  • Be a knowledge expert in service design
  • Participate in thought leadership; introduce ideas and approaches to the broader team


You will need:

  • Ability to design complexity out of services
  • Significant experience designing digital products and/or services and planning service design project engagements
  • Significant experience planning and running workshops with stakeholders, end users and/or front-line service providers
  • Solid understanding of user research methods and practice, proven experience in using metrics and user feedback to define/refine services and be able to work collaboratively with user researchers and interpret research findings
  • Ability to analyse and visualise user journeys and service flows
  • Ability to clearly and persuasively communicate designs as well as the evidence underpinning decisions
  • Work collaboratively with multidisciplinary teams
  • Ability to work quickly in an agile environment
  • Have a design related degree, or relevant industry experience
  • Exceptional skills in convincing people of the benefits of user-centred design and designing integrated service offerings
  • Basic understanding of html and css
  • Experience of introducing positive change into working practices, teams or organisations
  • Leadership and excellent communication skills; clear ability to collaborate and build useful relationships

*Applicants must have the right to work in the UK and the ability to pass BPSS vetting

London, United Kingdom
Full Time
Agency / Consultancy
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