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Why join our team?

Becoming a Thiguy or a Thigirl means being part of an exciting mission: helping to progress and accompanying our clients in the change from project to product.

1. We believe that people come first. We value the quality of the missions and continuously monitor the Thiguys and Thigirls so that they are well during their missions.

2. We are a global company with the agility of a startup. This means that we have the support of the parent company (France) that gives us strength as an organization, and also all the know-how of the Thiguys and Thigirls who are on the other side of the Slack willing to help unblock a situation on the day daily accompanying the client.

3. We work with large companies from various sectors. The range is wide: from transport companies, telecommunications, insurance, luxury, tourism, mobility-as-a-service or fintech, among many others. Changing your mission from time to time is a great opportunity to learn about products in different contexts, products and sectors.

We share purpose (product) and also values ​​(human)

At Thiga we have a people first company culture . As we said, our values ​​permeate everything we do and it is something that is noticeable on a daily basis. We believe that you can grow a lot professionally when there is proactivity, passion and desire
involved . At Thiga, we promote our Thiguys and Thigirls so that this growth occurs. Writing admirable values ​​is easy; The difficult thing is to put them into practice. At Thiga we ensure these 3 main values:

⭐ Excellence: This is the point that we take most seriously. Excellence at Thiga is the result of constant challenge. Question yourself and see how to improve. Without a doubt, this is one of our favorite exercises.

⭐ Humility: You like to listen, lend and ask for help when you need it. Beyond competencies, we look at human qualities and personal commitment. We are understanding of each other. If you don’t know something, you will get help.

⭐ Generosity: People are defined by their actions. At Thiga it is essential to share what you know about Product Management and Product Design. All you have to do is take a look at our books, the media or the events we organize.

What else do we provide to our consultants? Community, books and reference content

💜 Product Lovers Community: it is a reference place for digital product professionals in Spanish. We have created this space where Product Managers, Product Designers, Marketing, Business… can share experiences about their daily lives. A Slack where you can exchange and learn about news in the sector. We members call ourselves “Product Lovers”.

🎤 We organize LPCx meetups: monthly events that take place in Madrid and Barcelona. This is an opportunity to meet and learn from other experts in Product Management and Product Design.

🚀 We are behind La Product Conf. One of the most important events dedicated to Product Management in Europe that is held once a year in Paris and Madrid. Its objective is to be the meeting point between members of the product community, promote the Product Mindset through talks with experts from leading companies in product creation and, of course, share knowledge.

📚 We have written 4 books about products! Specifically, our consultants have done it. A reflection of all the knowledge that can be acquired working at Thiga:

💎 Reference content: both for the articles that our consultants write and that we publish in our product media, and for the content that we share internally: frameworks, tools, case studies… being in Thiga is a continuous discovery.

At Thiga we have 2 ways to help our clients by highlighting your knowledge:

1️⃣ By integrating yourself into a client’s product teams as another member for a season, contributing your energy, charisma and knowledge to contribute to the achievement of a goal. key (release of a complete redesign, a new strategic feature, the integration of a partner, etc.) paddling together with the client team to guarantee an excellent result.

2️⃣ Accompanying the client in the process of ideation and definition of their product strategy, applying a Discovery process, and providing global expertise and know-how. Our focus? Define the design problem that your client wants to solve and provide value iteratively to bring your ideas and learnings to life in all types of industries. You will not be alone, the Thiga team accompanies you and supports you during the process, we are a global team and as such we function: we unblock problems together, we support each other and challenge each other to improve. At Thiga, we consider that the main characteristic of a Service Designer is having a wide range of skills. These competencies allow you to build a product with an iterative approach that collects all the experience to use it to face the company’s challenges.

Any given day as a Service Designer: 

    • Identify the needs of the product / client and define the scope of your intervention with the stakeholders.
    • Promote and participate in qualitative / quantitative research processes to ensure that the client does not lose contact with the user.
    • Analyze the data obtained in the research, translating it into actions and tools that help make informed design decisions: User journeys, personas, presenting the results of a card sorting… feel free to contribute whatever you think is necessary!
    • Facilitate ideation workshops such as Crazy 8, Six to one, among others.
    • Make low and high fidelity wireframes using tools like Sketch, Figma, Framer… This is between the client and you 😉
    • Create and share interactive prototypes with InVision, Marvel App, Principle… The usual package.
    • Put your prototypes to the test! Whether with face-to-face testing with users, or with a remote test via Userzoom, the important thing is to validate hypotheses.
    • Ensure a quality handoff to the development teams.
    • Analyze the efficiency of your designs, document optimization recommendations, and iterate based on your users’ conversion and retention metrics.
    • And above all, work hand in hand with the Product Managers, the development teams, the QAs… In short, all the teams involved in the design process and work together with them for a common objective

We think this role is perfect for you if:

    • Experience as a Service Designer 
    • Minimum of 3 years’  experience in conducting internal and external investigations, as well as in analyzing and generating insights.
    • Experience in conceptualizing services and solutions beyond digital experiences.
    • Experience in defining and carrying out strategic workshops with stakeholders.
    • Desire to leave your comfort zone to grow. You love contexts in which much remains to be defined because they are an opportunity to learn. 
    • Be used to working in agile environments and methodologies (Scrum / Kanban).
    • Understand and master which phases a digital product design process is divided into and be able to adapt to the client’s needs according to their context, moving between a profile oriented towards research and another towards execution according to the need of the moment.
    • Have a portfolio of real projects and products (that have gone into production and user behaviors have been observed).
    • Be able to tell us at least 1 successful experience using Lean UX or Design Sprint methodologies.
    • Have experience working side by side with technical, business, data profiles and, obviously, with Product Managers.
    • Understand what product culture means and differentiate it from project culture.
    • Having a “product-sense”, that is, understanding that every detail matters to you and only considering that you did your job well when users value the overall value of the product and not just the look and feel.
    • Understanding that being a consultant means having a transformative attitude in teams, giving the best of yourself to a client and spreading good practices in design wherever you go. At Thiga we are committed to the consulting mindset.

Nice to have:

    • Experience working with design systems.
    • You have experience in mobile and app design.
    • You speak perfect English and some French 🦄.
    • You are able to implement and extract insights from 1 of these tools: Amplitude, Mixpanel, Google Data Studio.
    • Experience working with HEART / AARRR funnel framework.
    • Eye-tracking / Heat maps
Madrid, Spain
Full Time
Agency / Consultancy
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Madrid, Spain
Agency / Consultancy
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July 01, 2024
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