Service Designer

Full Time

Sistema de Salut de Catalunya

What will your job consist of?

  • Define the research approach and methods according to the context of the project.
  • Prepare research protocols, tools, guides and support material.
  • Train the team members and users who will participate in the research field work.
  • Lead and execute the project’s research process under the supervision of the area manager.
  • Work with strategic areas to be able to combine quantitative and qualitative methods.
  • Lead the synthesis process and define the final research report.
  • Define and manage the design process based on the knowledge acquired in the research phase.
  • Lead co-creation activities, including workshops with industry professionals, internals and users.
  • Design services based on holistic experiences, combining internal and external perspectives (users, business, technology and environment).
  • Help define indicators to evaluate the success of the service.
  • Prepare and perform user experience tests to detect points for improvement.
  • Define the method for the presentation of the results of the research and design phase to transfer to those interested in the project.
  • Detect opportunities to solve challenges through the design of new services.
  • Participate in training to transfer knowledge and help foster new ways of thinking through advice, tools and guidelines within the organization.

What do you need to be able to work with us?

  • Bachelor’s degree or university degree in design or engineering.
  • Knowledge of qualitative research methodologies.
  • Knowledge of agile and people-centered design methodologies (Design Thinking, Lean UX)
  • Certificate of proficiency in Catalan (C1) from the General Directorate of Linguistic Policy or equivalent.

How could you bring added value?

  • Experience in the healthcare field
  • Demonstrable experience in agile work environments
  • Demonstrable experience in the application of online, offline and fieldwork research methodologies and tools
  • Be in possession of certifications in methodologies and agile work frameworks
Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
Full Time
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