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We are seeking a talented Service Designer to join our team. As a Service Designer, you and the Business Owner will be responsible for designing all potential use cases of Digital Business. Also, you play a key role in shaping the strategic evolution of our brand by aligning business needs with customer requirements. Your responsibility will be to create exceptional user experiences while designing and optimizing all aspects of our Digital Business.
Key Responsibilities:
* Craft compelling and customer-centric user experiences from initial stage to final implementation.
* Collaborate closely with research teams to anticipate business and customer needs and define innovative solutions.
* Create professional blueprints as a tool for visualizing and communicating design solutions.
* Lead and facilitate workshops to engage stakeholders, foster idea generation, and make design-driven decisions.
* Proven experience in strategic design and delivering exceptional user experiences.
* Strong collaboration skills with research teams to understand business and customer needs.
* Proficiency in methodologies and tools of user-centered design, including the creation of professional blueprints.
* Excellent communication and facilitation skills to lead productive and creative workshops.
* Adaptability in fast-paced environments, making effective decisions in changing situations.
* Passion for innovation and continuous improvement, staying up-to-date with the latest trends and practices in service design.
Front Stage Responsibilities:
* User and Customer Journey: Designing seamless and engaging experiences for our users and customers throughout their interactions with our digital platforms.
* Digital Interfaces: Creating intuitive and visually appealing digital interfaces that enhance the user experience.
* Offline Interfaces: Designing cohesive and consistent experiences across offline touchpoints, ensuring a seamless transition between digital and physical interactions.
Backstage Responsibilities:
* Process/Operations: Developing efficient and effective processes and operations that support the delivery of our digital services.
* Products: Collaborating with cross-functional teams to design and integrate products that align with our digital business goals.
* Policy: Ensuring that our policies and guidelines align with the overall service design strategy, enhancing the user experience and addressing user needs.
If you are a Service Designer with a strong strategic vision, expertise in customer-centric design, and the ability to collaborate with research teams, we would love for you to join our team! You will work closely with diverse stakeholders, utilizing professional blueprints and leading workshops to define innovative solutions and deliver exceptional experiences to our customers.

Barcelona, Spain
Full Time
Advertising Services
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Service Designer


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Barcelona, Spain
Advertising Services

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