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Helse Midt-Norge has allocated extra funds for a package of measures for St. Olav’s hospital, where the goal is improved user experience in the Health Platform solution, which will reduce patient risk and improve productivity within prioritized areas. Helseplattformen AS leads the sub-project Improved solution and user-friendliness, and is now looking for skilled agile team leaders, service designers and UX designers who will actively help us achieve this goal. We have a short time to realize gains as the package of measures must be completed already on 30 June 2024.

In the project, we want to use best practice methods within service design, UX design and agile development methods. We are going to establish several agile teams within prioritized areas of effort that will work closely with healthcare personnel from St. Olavs, architects and analysts from us and Epic. We need agile team leaders who have extensive experience and competence in leading and motivating flexible, interdisciplinary teams to achieve good results.

We also need service designers and UX designers who are experts in everything from insight work to developing user-friendly digital services.

With the Helseplattformen comes a digital citizens’ portal, HelsaMi. There are about 200,000 inhabitants who have taken it into use today. HelsaMi contains a lot of functionality and there is a particularly high demand for functionality that follows up patients outside the hospital. One of the service designers will therefore be included as a central resource in the work with the development of the new HelsaMi follow-up programme. The HelsaMi Follow-up program is a tailored program for selected patient groups where the health service considers digital follow-up to be beneficial. This work involves mapping and insight into what the need in the HelsaMi application is. The need uncovered in insight work will be concretized as functionality in HelsaMi, such as a questionnaire. measurements or information material. The need is obtained from professional expertise in the specialist healthcare service and from patients. Service designer and application analyst, who build the solution and functionality, must therefore work closely together. Service designers must ensure a good user experience and include relevant patients.

The consultant’s duties

  • Design and quality-assure the HelsaMi follow-up program in collaboration with other service designers and application analysts. 
  • Use methods within service design to document user needs
  • Analyze and visualize user journeys and user needs
  • Prepare documentation that is part of the basis for strategic and overall decision-making processes and for further concretization of technical implementation
  • Take an active part in conducting workshops, user testing and further follow-up to realization
  • Learn and save with other resources in the Health Platform
  • Promote understanding of the design process, service design and UX in the work with HelsaMi 
  • Prepare training material

Experience and competence

MUST HAVE requirements

  • Relevant education at university/college level, alternatively extensive experience
  • Experience with design methodology, such as hypothesis-driven product development
  • Experience working with technical developers
  • Experience with user testing, all stages, respectively user stories, user tests and test results

Personal characteristics

  • Neat, analytical and structured work methodology
  • Good communication and communication skills 
  • Copes with rapid re-prioritization
  • You must have a professional appearance and be reliable
  • Be service oriented and have very good collaboration skills
  • Fearless of new tasks that would fall to the role 
Trondheim, Norway
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