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In the police’s IT unit, we work to contribute to the police delivering the police service society needs. The police must safeguard society’s safety and security, both at home, in the local environment, in traffic and online. In short, where we are as citizens, and where we are as a society and welfare state. We at PIT support the police in their entire social mission.

To deliver on this, we need more designers! Now we are looking for you who can contribute to creating engaging target images that set direction and enable us to make wise choices when we build the foundations for the police of the future. We are looking for you who have an analytical eye, who takes account of developments in society, the opportunities in technology, the expectations from the outside world and how this affects us and the services we develop.

As Design Environment in the police, our mission is to ensure that we solve tomorrow’s challenges on the user’s terms. By questioning the existing, we help raise our gaze and open up new ways of solving old problems. This is how we contribute to identifying and solving the biggest problems together.

Design and User Experience at PIT currently consists of 27 permanently employed designers who work in various interdisciplinary product teams. Our expertise extends from product design (UX) and service design to visual design and content. We work to be a safe, generous and inclusive professional environment where we know each other’s expertise, and have a strong culture of sharing. We believe that good solutions are created through discussion and involvement.

We are looking for you who like to work in a team, with responsibility both in breadth and depth. You like to work across domains with larger, conceptual and future user journeys while being able to maintain the connection to what we do here and now. You have experience with foresight as a methodology and know that this helps to be better equipped for the future, even if developments can take unexpected directions. 

You know that technology changes at a rapid speed and requires a lot of attention, but that we as humans develop relatively slowly. Based on this, you understand the importance of good cooperation and solid anchoring, and stand firm when you challenge established truths. At the bottom of everything you do, there are solid rationales, which enable you to bring others along and drive the work in the right direction. At the same time as you work holistically, and use technology and subjects in new ways to create change and improvement, you are able to be pragmatic with regard to technical and financial framework conditions, and business structure. 

Your work tasks

  • Drive research  processes and initiatives together with, and across, teams, domains and agencies.
  • Prepare visual mappings of value chains across systems and work tasks to identify dependencies, pain points and areas of opportunity.
  • Prepare future user journeys and concepts, strategies and roadmaps that reflect how changes in society affect people, organizations and technology development – and how this can affect the product and service development we do in the police.
  • Communicate and anchor target images (including strategies) and collaborate with stakeholders across businesses, ministries and agencies.
  • Contribute to progression and common direction for what the teams are working on here and now, and in the long term.
  • Contribute to the development of the police’s design environment and dissemination of the subject in the organisation.
  • Create a trust-based and inclusive professional environment, where the ceiling is high.

Your qualifications

  • Relevant education at bachelor’s or master’s level. (Relevant experience can compensate for a lack of formal education).
  • Documented  several years of experience from a similar position or role.
  • Strong in carrying out design processes at various levels.
  • Experience with foresight as a methodology.
  • Strong at mapping, analysis and hypothesis.
  • Strong visual communication skills and driven by storytelling.
  • Ability to navigate and build relationships in a complex business (and agency).
  • Experience with system-oriented design or service design at a strategic level.
  • Experience from working with design in larger organizations and in product development runs with complex issues.
  • Good written and oral presentation skills in Norwegian.

In addition, you must:

  • Have an unblemished character and be fit for service in the police. Police certificate (exhaustive and extended) must be obtained by, if applicable. employment, cf. Section 18 of the Police Act and Section 41 of the Police Register Act. By applying for a job in the Police’s IT unit, you consent to a suitability assessment being carried out. A fitness assessment is a check that focuses on conditions other than those examined for the issuance of a police certificate.

Personal characteristics

We want you to feel comfortable with us and have fun at work. We believe that you will have a good time with us if you:

  • Have courage – we need good people who are motivated by the fact that we are in the midst of a shift from project to product thinking.
  • Is curious about other people’s perspectives and good at analyzing situations.
  • Able to be independent in the face of uncertainty and change.
  • Is a good team player – to succeed we must work together!
  • Communicates well orally, in writing and visually across organizational levels and professional environments.
Oslo, Norway
Full Time
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