Service Designer

Full Time

Analog Devices

You will be responsible for designing the end-to-end journey of new high value services as well as analysing existing systems and services to identify opportunities to elevate them. You will bring together research, design, business and technology disciplines to shape future state of Analog Devices services, working in close collaboration as part of a larger design and product team.

You Will

  • Effectively map and visualize current and future customer journeys and services to create greater shared understanding between different stakeholder groups
  • Facilitate co-creation of artefacts such as Service Blueprints to capture front and back of stage facets of different experiences
  • Gather, analyze and incorporate qualitative and quantitative data into your research to highlight key problem areas and opportunities
  • Analyze failure within our products and services and help identify root causes for that failure
  • Identify opportunities for creating additional value within an existing service (e.g. cost reduction by self-service)
  • Identify areas of focus in the customer journey for exploration, prototyping and iteration
  • Iterate on developing solutions, aligning requirements between customer needs and technical feasibility
  • Co-ordinate your activities with the wider team – your fellow designers, researchers, product management and a wider set of stakeholders in engineering and business
  • Work with our design system team to identify opportunities for common, new product service patterns


  • User focused with a strong understanding of business considerations at enterprise scale
  • Able to synthesize insights from research into design solutions
  • Evidence and context-based approach to design. Visualises, articulates and solves complex problems and concepts, and makes disciplined decisions based on available information and research evidence
  • Strategic thinker. Can take an overall perspective on business issues, events, activities and discuss their wider implications and long-term impact. This could include determining patterns, standards, policies, roadmaps and vision statements. Knows how to focus on outcomes rather than solutions and activities
  • Can work with stakeholders of all levels to align people of diverse backgrounds and skill-sets to a shared vision and achieve buy-in

We Are Looking For Someone Who

  • Is an exceptional communicator; both written and verbal which facilitates cross departmental coordination. Can clearly articulate their service vision internally and externally
  • Has a natural ability to converse with a diverse range of people of varying backgrounds and nurture talent across the team
  • Has experience working on technical and software products from kick-off launch to optimisation in the wild
  • Is obsessed with continuous improvement via cross functional collaboration
  • Is a strong advocate for user-centred design and the design thinking process within the organization
  • A growth mindset, and passion for levelling up yourself and those around you
Limerick, LK
Full Time
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