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Service Design is obviously an extremely important set of skills for the service, hospitality and tourism industries.

It's all in the word, "service industry" so obviously service design can really help make hotels, restaurants, tourist information agency and services simpler and more enjoyable for tourists.

As a proof of the interest of the tourism and hospitality industry for service design we can see how academia creates programs that are focused on it. In Switzerland for example, there are two programs that are focused on the link between service design and tourism. The Service Design Lab of the Hes-SO offers service design courses in the Bachelor degree in Tourism. In another part of Switzerland the FHGR offers a Bachelor of Science FHGR in Tourism Major Service Design.

Yeah, service design and tourism really work well together, and we hope that there will be more and more job opportunities for all the students that come out of these prestigious institutions with a service design diploma.

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