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In 2023 we have chosen to completely rewrite our core product which allows insurers to sell credit insurance to their customers. This rewrite is a key step in the life of Tinubu because it should allow us to scale our business and better meet the expectations of our customers.

To carry out this rewrite, our first objective is to have an iso-outcome product by integrating product, tech and design best practices while capitalizing on the business knowledge that Tinubu has accumulated over the years.

Once this objective is achieved, we will begin a second phase of innovation to address new needs and new markets.

In this context, we are looking for a Service Designer who will be able to help us with the overhaul of the existing, that is to say a lot of discovery, renewed knowledge, identification of needs and modeling of business processes existing resources by relying on all internal resources available (product, documentation, business experts, business analysts, etc.).


Collection, analysis and identification of the need/problem from internal experts in order to share business understanding within the team

Co-create and maintain detailed business profiles based on a tasks-to-be-accomplished approach that represent the different types of business in the field of credit insurance

Co-create and maintain detailed story maps of the stages and interactions that businesses go through when interacting with other businesses, services and systems

Streamline existing needs/issues, drawing on business expertise, service knowledge and insight, team feedback, and project constraints to facilitate identification of underlying business value

Centralize and document the decisions and questions arising from the various discussions and workshops

Provide the necessary elements for the co-design of a solution as a team and participate in the iteration process

Gather and structure examples of data, business profiles, detailed story maps

Co-design APIs, sequence diagram, state/transition diagram in collaboration with developers

Ensure that the proposed solution meets the initial need in terms of relevance, feasibility and maintainability

Issy-les-Moulineaux, France
Full Time
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