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Lassila & Tikanoja

The real estate services sector is still in the early stages of digitalisation, which means that the growth and development potential is huge.

Your responsibilities include conceptualizing, commercializing and scaling new services together with our own staff, customers and partners. You are responsible for the production and commercial productization process of the services in the entire industry, as well as the tools and methodology related to the process. At the heart of your job is continuous monitoring of the market and competition, identifying, understanding and communicating the changing needs of your customers, and developing what you have to offer based on data analysis.

We expect you to have a strong customer orientation and self-direction in development work. In the role of service development based on customer needs, your goal is to increase the turnover from our new services and increase customer satisfaction. Development work based on customer needs and agile methods are familiar to you from your previous work. In an entrepreneurial way, you put your hands in the clay to carry out selected experiments, and on the other hand, you facilitate a wide range of work and product and scale new services to market and sell.

At the heart of the multifaceted task are:

  • Ideation of services and solutions related to the circular economy of new properties and participation in their evaluation
  • Overall responsibility for the productisation and scaling phases of the service development process
  • Conducting experiments at the customer interface and preparing decision proposals based on the results of the experiments
  • Management of selected areas of strategy implementation
  • Managing and supporting implementation of separately defined business development projects (for example, increasing customer understanding, piloting a new service or creating a product model)

The cornerstones of success in the task are:

  • Customer-oriented development approach
  • Achieving and results-oriented entrepreneurial attitude
  • Solid experience in developing services or commercializing services
  • Problem solving and pressure tolerance
  • Ability to work in a team taking into account different needs and expectations
Full Time
Renewables & Environment
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