Transport and mobility

Senior Service Designer

Full Time

Posti Group Oyj

As a Senior Service Designer, you are involved in outlining and developing the operations of our operative chain. You work in cooperation with logistics technology, transport, sorting, trade and customer service teams, among other things . You combine customer understanding with what is behind our services: operational i.e. production functions, data and employee experience. Your task is to ensure, through design, that our processes and practices have also considered people: customers and employees. 

Through this position, you will get a unique view of our logistics chain and, for example, how we deliver goods from the warehouse shelf of the online store to the consumer, or how our employees produce meaningful services and encounters for our customers every day. This is an entity where your design work has a real impact on the efficiency of our business and the everyday life of our customers!

Such a community awaits you

Kotipesäsi Posti has a Posti Design team that serves our entire organization as experts in human-oriented design and customer experience development. We are extensively involved in the development of Posti’s various functions and channels, we are responsible for e.g. modeling the customer-oriented conceptualization process and developing Posti’s Design system. We ensure that Posti has design expertise and a design culture.

Do you recognize yourself in the description?

  • You have accumulated at least 6 years of work experience in applying service design in the development of the company’s various functions and services, from conceptualization and prototyping to implementation and change management.
  • You base your work on finding out user needs and apply this understanding in your design work.
  • You embody complex entities and processes, and the ability to describe them both verbally and visually comes naturally to you. You understand process and system information, and you are used to taking that information all the way to the final plans. 
  • You may already know the logistics industry, or you may be familiar with different production environments.
  • You are at home in both digital and physical operating environments. 
  • You know how to design solutions that take into account the opportunities and limitations brought by both business and technology.
  • You are a good communicator. You know how to effectively communicate the benefits of design, regardless of which function of the organization the listener comes from or what their job role is. 
  • You know and like to collaborate with other designers and developers, and you feel that the success of the team is at least as important as your own.
  • You speak and write Finnish and English fluently.
Helsinki, Finland
Full Time
Transport and mobility
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Senior Service Designer

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