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Service Design in Hong Kong, an interview with Neil Williams

We asked Neil Williams, a Service Design Lead working in Hong Kongย his thoughts about the evolution of Service Design in the region. A big thank you to Neil for his precious insights:

Service Design Jobs: What's the state of Service Design in Hong Kong?

Neil: I would say the level of maturity is extremely low and I would say awareness probably peaked a couple of years ago. The problem is the trend-chasing and poor implementation by people that don't really know what they are doing. The outcome is bad and then everyone moves on to the next big thing.

Right now the outlook is quite uncertain here, not just because of the coronavirus, but also because of the political situation.

Big organizations seem to oscillate between using agencies and wanting to do the work in-house. The only two or three agency options for Service Design here are Fjord and MAKEย and possibly EY.

What are great opportunities to learn Service Design in Hong Kong?

I was hoping that SCAD would expand its Service Design course to Hong Kong, but sadly they are closing the school. There are no other specific Service Design courses, although the 4 big universities here all have some element of Service Design incorporated into other courses on design strategy, service management, etc.

Informally there are introductions to design thinking offered, again by MAKE.

What are the local Service Design communities in Hong Kong?

The local Service Design community is mostly organized through Patti, Kate and, Mark at MAKE Studio.

Lastly, do you have some links you recommend for people interested in Service Design in Hong Kong?

Check the yearly conference SDHK: Service Design Hong Kong.

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