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How to start your Service Design career

Marc and Daniele share with you a few tips, tricks and resources to help you in your service design career path.

How do I start a career in Service Design?

Daniele’s answer

Before you start a Service Design career path, you have to learn Service Design. What’s great today is that there are dozens of way to learn the basics of Service Design. You can join a Service Design program in a university, follow online course, like the ones built by Marc or Daniele, read books, join a service design jam, etc.

Daniele, one of the co-founders of the Service Design Jobs website, curated for you 40+ resources to start learning Service Design in a blog post he wrote a few month ago.

Marc’s answer

In this short 7 minutes video, Marc, one of the co-founders of the Service Design Jobs website shares how you can kickstart your service design career path.

Marc wrote also a pretty cool blogpost where he shares in written form 3 tips when it comes to start a career in service design.

How do I create a Service Design portfolio?

Marc’s answer

In the video below, Marc shares with you his approach on how you can build a design portfolio that gets you hired when you apply to Service  Design positions.

Marc also wrote a well documented blog post about that specific topic. 

Daniele’s answer

Daniele uses for his own Service Design portfolio a set of key blocks of information for every project he shows. Here the 6 blocks he usually uses:

  1. Challenge: Describe in form of a question that starts with “How might we…” what was the problem you were trying to solve.
  2. Context: One side note about the context which made this project especially difficult, interesting, etc.
  3. Tasks/activities: give the titles of the activities or tasks you worked on (user research, prototyping, etc.).
  4. Team: show who else worked on this project, what was their role and what was yours (Service Design projects are usually team efforts).
  5. Failures: describe one thing that didn’t go well. This helps you to show humility.
  6. Learnings: describe one thing that you learned in this project that you will do again in other projects.


This answer from Daniele is part of a longer conversation that happened in a Quora thread where various  service designers around the world answered the question: “How can I build a service design portfolio?” A good portfolio is of great tool that will help you in your personal service design career path.

Where can I find great service design job opportunities?

Marc’s and Daniele’s answer

Obviously one of the  big challenges in a Service Design career path is to find a job near where you already live. We feel your pain. That’s why we created this service design job board

And if you feel there aren’t enough job opportunities to kickstart your career where you already live, we also have some good news. We created a page that explains how to find even more service design opportunities. These tips work also in countries where Service Design isn’t already well known.

Work in progress

What are the other questions that you ask yourself about a Service Design career path? Let us know and we will add our personal answers here in the future. 

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