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5 tips to help you find Service Design job opportunities that could be interesting for a service designer just like you.

You might say: There are not many Service Design jobs in my country!

Sorry about that mate, but there is hope 😉 Indeed, in some countries employers don’t use the word Service Design so much. This is for example the case in Switzerland 🇨🇭 where Daniele, one of the founders of this website is from. 

So how did he find service design job opportunities in a country where almost nobody uses the term?  It’s pretty simple ✅ 

  1. Look for similar terms to Service Design that are more trendy in your country.
  2. Look for similar fields to Service Design.
  3. Look for companies that hired service designers in the past.
  4. Look in multiple niche design and innovation job boards.
  5. And don’t forget to check this job board obviously.

 More details below  ↩️

Tip 1: Check the Service Design job board

The first tip to find Service Design job opportunities is to check out all the jobs we added in the job board 😉 This is certainly the easiest way to find service design job opportunities. If you have already done that, jump to the next tip. 

Tip 2: Look for companies using service design

Companies might not have posted a Service Design job opportunity yet, but might be preparing some. In the job board we keep all old jobs in order to help you figure out which companies hired service designers in the past in a specific industry or country. From there, you can then send a blind application to these companies as they might soon need one more service designer.

💡 Below you’ll find a few tips to find more jobs. If you have other tips that’s great. Drop us a line and we’ll add them.

Tip 3: Look for related jobs title to Service Design

As an inspiration, here a list of job titles you could search for when you are looking for jobs locally but can’t find any Service Design role. This will help you find Service Design job opportunities which are hidden 😉

  1. UX researcher
  2. Design Researcher
  3. Field Researcher
  4. Qualitative Researcher
  5. Prototyping specialist
  6. Innovation coach / specialist /  expert / coach
  7. Design Thinking coach / specialist /  expert / coach
  8. Experience Designer
  9. Design  Sprint coach / specialist /  expert / coach
  10. Business Designer

Tip 4: Look for similar fields to Service Design

Here also a list of more generic keywords you can use in your job search. These worked pretty good for Daniele when he was looking for jobs in a country that doesn’t use a lot the term “Service Design”.
  1. HCI 
  2. Human Centered Design
  3. Design Thinking
  4. Customer Experience
  5. Employee Experience
  6. Experience Design
  7. UX Design
  8. User Experience
  9. Business Design
  10. Design Sprint

Tip 5: Look in other niche design job boards

Here is a list of other job boards that are focused on other fields of design, but that could still be interesting for a service designer like you. Yeah, we are good neighbors and love to be nice with other job boards ❤️. We hope this helps you too.

UX job boards

💡 You know another job board that could be interesting for service designers? Great, drop us a line and we’ll add it.

Work in progress

We are slowly building resources to help you find service design job opportunities. These are already a few simple tips and we hope to bring you more tips and tricky to advance your Service Design career in the future.

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